About us


Main activities

  • Development, manufacture and installation of technological lines;
  • Manufacture and installation of grain transportation systems;
  • Manufacture and installation of grain purifying, processing and storage facilities;
  • Manufacturing and installation of fertilizer transportation systems;
  • Manufacture and installation of fertilizer packing and dosing equipment;
  • Manufacture and installation of fluid transportation and dosing systems;
  • Design, manufacture and installation of non-standard facilities.
  • Industrial scales, weighing equipment
  • Weighbridges

Raw material, for which systems are being developed

  • Agriculture vegetable crops;
  • Mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • Industrial liquids;

Secondary activities

  • Metal bending and cutting with 6kW “Fiber” laser (Fe, Al, Cu);
  • Supply of parts for transportation facilities;
  • Bulk cargo transportation system consulting;
  • Emergency troubleshooting;

Installation of facilities

Manufacturing of facilities

Ozonator’s assembly


The fastest growing developer of innovative technological lines and a leading industrial company that dictates the trends of bulk cargo transportation systems.


We are the most flexible, the most valuable and the most reliable partner for companies looking for technological solutions.


  • Flexibility – the ability of our multidisciplinary team to adapt actively and quickly to client’s needs;
  • Innovativeness – our constant search, growth and improvement, which provides our clients the most up-to-date technological solutions;
  • Competence – our vast experience, knowledge and responsibility that we share with our employees, clients and partners;
  • Reliability – our approach to a client as a partner in a long journey, as we are the true manufacturer, assuming full responsibility;
  • Rationality – our targeted and effective exploitation of our available circumstances and resources, taking into account the price and possible consequences, the precision and cost-effectiveness of these actions.