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1. In 2000, at Klaipeda Stevedoring Company “Bega” installed bulk product unpacking line.

2. In 2002, reconstructed Jurbarkas’ warehouse grain reception point of AB “Kauno grudai”.

3. During 2003–2004, performed mounting of modern fodder plant of “Arvi pasarai”.

4. In 2004, mounting of technological vapour-dust aspiration lines of UAB “Gargzdu mida”.

5. During 2004–2005, mounted a modern animal food factory of UAB “Akvatera”.

6. In 2005, installation of technological equipment and supply works for AB “Vilniaus degtine”, Obeliu spirit distillery.

7. During 2005–2006, mounting works of raw material load technological facilities of AB “Kedainiu grudai”.

8. In 2006, manufacture and mounting of transportation facilities of “Gargzdu plytu gamykla”.

9. In 2006, modernization of grain drying and long-term storage technological lines of AB “Taurages grudai”.

10. In 2007, installation of flour dosing line of UAB “Klaipedos duona”.

11. In 2007, mounting of grain drying technological facilities, manufacture of metal constructions of SIA “Baltic Pork Latvija”.

12. During 2007–2008, reconstruction and modernization of grain drying and long-term storage technological lines of UAB “Imlitex”.

13. In 2008, manufacturing, mounting of bulk products transportation facilities of AB “Biofuture”.

14. In 2008, mounting of drying and long-term storage of technological lines, manufacture of metal constructions of UAB “Agrogimas”.

15. In 2009, packing line of big bags, sacks of UAB “Klaipedos konteineriu terminalas”.

16. In 2009, micro additive dosing equipment of UAB “Akvatera”.

17. In 2009, dismantling of bulk cargo terminal equipment, installation of a new equipment of SIA “BTC” in Liepaja.

18. In 2010, improvement of transportation equipment productivity of UAB “Mestila”.

19. In 2010, chain conveyors and bucket elevators 200 t/h of UAB “Bega”.

20. In 2010, 10-50kg bag dispenser UAB “Avatera”.

21. In 2010, grain transportation equipment of UAB “Jonavos grudai”.

22. In 2010, conveyors for grain, flour, forage of AB “Kauno grudai”.

23. In 2010, stainless steel chain conveyors for cake of UAB “Rapsoila”.

24. In 2010, warehouse loading conveyors of UAB “Klaipedos konteineriu terminalas”: bucket elevators, chain conveyors 300 m3/h.

25. In 2011, wood pellet packing and crushing equipment of UAB “Viltera”.

26. In 2011, fertilizer packing, dosing in bags of 10–50 kg, big bags of 500–1000 kg equipment of UAB “Biriu kroviniu terminalas”.

27. In 2011, warehouse loading chain conveyors 300 m3/h, valves, control automatics of UAB "Klaipedos konteineriu terminalas”.

28. During 2011–2012, fertilizer wagon unloading station 500 t/h of Fertilog OY Kotka, Finland: wagon intake pit, belt conveyors, bucket elevator, building.

29. In 2011, big bag dispenser for forage of AB “Kauno grudai”.

30. In 2011, fertilizer transportation equipment of Loweneu engineering OU, Estonia.

31. In 2012, mobile platform for feeding shiploader from trucks 600 t/h of Fertilog OY Kotka, Finland.

32. In 2012, valves with run positioning of AB “Malsena”.

33. In 2012, conveyors for rape of UAB “Vaizga”.

34. In 2012, chain conveyors of UAB “Siauliu grudai”.

35. In 2012, wagon intake knot 100 t/h of UAB “Raseiniu javai”.

36. In 2012, container 20 feet loading station 200 t/h.

37. In 2012, 5 component dosing, mixing line 100 t/h of NPK.

38. In 2012, transportation equipment 2 t/h AISI304 steel of UAB “Pasvalio agrochemija”: screw conveyors, bucket elevator.

39. In 2012, screw conveyor with a diameter of 800 mm, 500 mm of UAB “Marijampoles cukrus”.

40. In 2012, bucket elevator for fertilizers 500 t/h.

41. In 2012, combined forage conveyors 200 t/h of AB “Amilina”.

42. During 2012–2013, transportation equipment 300 t/h of AB “Amilina”: bucket elevators, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, flow distributors.

43. In 2013, installation works of fertilizer granulation plant.

44. In 2013, screw conveyors for flour with a diameter of 500 mm.

45. In 2013, chain, bucket conveyors for flour 100 t/h, stainless steel housing of 150 t/h productivity, food bar.

46. In 2013, spot filters 200m3/h of AB “Kauno grudai”.

47. In 2013, warehouse loading capacity of 200 t/h productivity.

48. In 2014, ash packing in big bags and technological equipment of loading into cars in the biofuel boiler plant.

49. In 2014, fertilizer packing, dosing in sacks of 10–50 kg equipment at UAB “Bega, Klaipeda Stevedoring Company”.

50. In 2014, installation of fertilizer plant of UAB “Granmax”.

51. In 2014, fertilizer packing into sea containers, big bags, sacks equipment of UAB “Granmax”.

52. In 2014, compost, sludge mound covering facilities.

53. In 2014, silage loading and unloading conveyors 400 t/h of UAB “Malku ilankos terminalas”.

54. In 2014, fertilizer packing in sacks equipment of AB “Kauno grudai”.

55. In 2014, warehouse loading chain conveyors 300 m3/h, valves, control automatics of UAB “Klaipedos konteineriu terminalas”.

56. In 2014, system of packing of glass flour in big bags.

57. In 2014, trial cannabis seed shelling technological line.

58. In 2014, hazardous waste stabilization-conservation system equipment.

59. In 2015, wagon unloading station, technological equipment for fertilizer packing in big bags and sacks.

60. In 2015, fertilizer crushing 200–800 microns equipment 10 t/h, 30 kW.

61. In 2015, fertilizer packing, dosing into big bags equipment of UAB “Bega, Klaipeda Stevedoring Company”.

62. In 2015, chain conveyors for transportation of rape bagasse.

63. In 2015, grain transportation equipment 400–500 t/h (car admission station, warehouse loading and unloading conveyors).

64. In 2015, reconstruction of wagon admission station with equipment of 1200 t/h productivity.

65. In 2015, manufacture and mounting of a 1200 t/h transporter feeding ship loading mechanism (the transporter’s length – 220 m).

66. In 2015, installation of a modern grain processing plant.

67. In 2016, manufacture and installation of technological equipment of conveyors of 220 t/h productivity for warehouse of agricultural production.

68. In 2016, grits scrub (flaky oats) and flake production equipment.

69. In 2016, technological line for packaging into sacks of 10–50 kg.

70. In 2016, equipment 500 μm for flour milling and sieving.

71. In 2016, fertilizer crushing equipment of 200–800 microns, 10 t/h, 30 kW.

72. In 2016, grain transportation equipment of AB “Kauno grudai”.

73. In 2017, reconstruction of grain elevator of UAB “Litagros prekyba”.

74. In 2018, grain elevator design, production and installation, UAB "Imlitex Agro".

75. In 2019, production and installation of compound forage granulation line ŽŪK “AGROBOKŠTAI”.

76. In 2019, modification of the grain elevator - extension of the existing chain conveyors, production and installation of a new bucket elevator at UAB "Imlitex valda" (Kretinga). 

77. In 2019, dosing line of micro additives, execution node  for crane, metal structures, production and installation of a hopper UAB “Akvatera LT”.

78. In 2020-2021, development of the Finnish company's mineral fertilizer production terminal by merging the facilities on the berth into a single transshipment complex. This allowed product flows from three warehouses or wagon pits to be diverted to two berths for ship handling at the same time. Conveyors with a total length of 2.5 km were manufactured and installed; the longest 250 m reversible conveyor with 5 receiving points, one receiving pit for 500 t/h wagons, one warehouse for storing mineral fertilizers with a volume of 40,000 tons "Fertilizer Terminal Kotka", Oy (Finland)

79. In 2020, gallery of sorted waste conveyors from Vilnius waste sorting plant (operator UAB “Energesman”) to Vilnius waste incineration plant. Scope of work: design, production and installation. The gallery is heated, has ventilation, heating, fire alarm and fire safety systems. Lightning protection, rain collection system, lighting, emergency lighting, point filters for dust collection, service openings with lifting winches and radiation detector were also installed. Customer: S.A “Budimex” (Vilnius Cogeneration Power Plant).

80. In 2020, wagon unloading station for agricultural products with transportation to 2 warehouses. Line capacity 450 t/h. Loading of the warehouse with belt conveyors with dropping carts AB "Vakarų laivų gamykla".

81.In 2020, digitization and modernization of the buckwheat product processing line - a new workshop of UAB "Ekofrisa". 

82. In 2020, production and installation of equipment for a wagon unloading station for unloading fertilizers from wagons and loading fertilizers into warehouses UAB „Birių krovinių terminalas“.

83. In 2020, mobile Big Bag  dosing equipment 500-1250 kg up to 120 t/h AB "KLASCO". 

84. In 2020, mobile Big Bag  dosing equipment 500-1250 kg up to 120 t/h UAB “Klaipėdos konteinerių terminalas”.

85. In 2020, mixing and dosing system of dry ingredients (phase II) UAB "Conresta".

86. In 2020, fertilizer coating system has been produced and installed to cover the fertilizer pellet with various coatings / additives. A complex, fully automated, spraying and heating system was implemented, which was integrated into the existing fertilizer mixing system of AB "Linas agro". 

87. In 2020, production of clam shell gates OOO "Ultramar" (Russia)

88. In 2020, production of urea unloading equipment (stainless steel bucket elevator 17 m high and belt conveyor 14 m long. Line capacity 100t/h) AB “Achema”. 

89. In 2020, a bean peeling equipment was produced and installed to separate the bean husk from the kernel. Line capacity 2t/h, cleaning accuracy ~ 90% ŽŪK “Agrobokštai”. 

90. In 2020, extension of the existing ship loading conveyor gallery for the transportation of mineral fertilizers UAB "Birių krovinių terminalas". 

91. In 2020, production of 100 t/h chain conveyor and bucket elevator line for transportation of mineral fertilizers UAB “Granmax”. 

92. In 2020, production and installation of transportation equipment according to a special order for the stone wool cooling system UAB “PAROC” (Vilnius). 

93. In 2020, production of conveyors for fertilizers 100 t/h, stainless steel OOO “Belagrofert” (Belarus). 

94. In 2020, production and installation of a dosing equipment for micro - additives used in the production of forage. The dosing of micro-additives from the dosing hoppers (capacity 1.5 m³) to the capacity of the microcomponents (0.2 m³) is completed with extremely high-precision scales (error 0.02% of the set weight), which weigh according to the set recipe. The system is fully integrated into the existing automation of ŽŪK "Agrobokštai". 

95. In 2021, wagon unloading station 400 t/h with loading to the existing warehouses (chain conveyors, bucket elevators) UAB “Kamineros krovinių terminalas”. 

96. In 2021, mobile Big bag  dosing equipment 500-1250 kg 100 t/h „5de Havendok“, NV (Belgija).

97. In 2021, renovated and modernized the existing ash Big Bag dosing line UAB "Vakarų krova". 

98. In 2021, conversion of fertilizer transportation lines from warehouses to ships into grain transportation lines. Extremely high-performance chain conveyors GT1500, bucket elevators KE1000 and flow distributors were manufactured and installed. The installed line capacity is 1500 t/h AB “KLASCO” (Klaipeda). 

99. In 2021, reconstruction of the grain elevator to increase grain intake and unloading capacities, two unloading pits for more convenient and safer unloading have been designed and installed AB "Šilutės girnos".

100. In 2021, extension of the existing ship loading gallery for transportation of mineral fertilizers with 99 m long belt conveyors with a capacity of 1200 t/h UAB “Birių krovinių terminalas”. 

101. In 2021, extension of the existing ship loading gallery for transportation of mineral fertilizers with 99 m long belt conveyors with a capacity of 1200 t/h UAB “Birių krovinių terminalas”.

102. In 2021, production and installation of a bucket elevator 1000 t/h Riga Bulk terminal (Latvia).

103. In 2021, design, production and installation of Milk powder automatic packaging line ŽŪK “Pienas LT”. 

104. In 2022, technological line - production and installation of equipment for storage, mixing and packaging of bulk and liquid chemicals AB ‘’BS Chemicals’’ (Kretinga).