Grain transportation and processing systems

Chain conveyors (Redlers)

Chain conveyors are equipment designed for horizontal transportation of a product and can be formed any length. Suitable for transportation from the receiving pits. Chain conveyors are easily installed, closed type; they are reliable and durable. The chain-type conveyors mechanically significantly less damage seeds, operate quietly, use less power compared to screw or pneumatic conveyors.

Standard assembly of a chain conveyor:

  • a housing is painted black metal or galvanized steel sheet;
  • a bottom is lined with friction-resistant plastic;
  • a drive – motoreducers of parallel cylindrical shafts (Germany);
  • a chain is made in Europe;
  • UCF-type bearings.

Productivity of the chain conveyors manufactured by UAB “Milviteka” is from 2 to 1000 t/ h. Scraper conveyors of higher efficiency are manufactured according to an individual order.

Chain conveyor 1,

Chain conveyor 2